National and international vehicle transport to more than 80 countries

Reliable service with more than ten years’ experience.

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Noreste Logística

Since 2002 we have carried out more than 100,000 transports.

We work for car dealers, garages, rent companies, auction companies and individual customers.
When you contract with us, you are contracting with a haulier net of national and international prestige.

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Since we started with the first truck back in 2002, we have transported more than 100,000 vehicles. From the simplest utility cars to super sports cars worth more than 150,000 €.

We work for car dealers, garages, rent companies, auction companies and individual customers.

When we committ to deliver a vehicle, our customers can relax because we don’t fail. We are clear: if we can carry out the transport, we do it; if we think there is a chance we can’t comply, we will warn our customers and they can make the final decision.

To us, customers are the most important thing.


We carry out deliveries of new vehicles to official car dealers all over Spain.

Likewise, we work with national buying-selling companies, delivering cars at their facilities from any storage lot or car dealer.

We perform fleet returns with car rental companies from their facilities to the manufacturers’ storage lots.

We also collaborate with the main auction companies, such as BCA Autosubastas and Leilo Car.


We are extending our services to vehicles transportation to any part of the world. Just ask us.

Both companies and individuals can book our services.

Our customers can transport cars overseas with complete confidence since we are endorsed by a long experience. If you need to send a car or any other vehicle from Spain to any other country, both in Europe or the rest of the world, get in touch with us. We will be pleased to serve you and will give you a free quote.

Noreste Logística


We provide logistic support to companies, both national and internationally, and with loading or unloading in Madrid or any other point in Spain.

Noreste Logística


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Noreste Logística


Our service is carried out by hauliers who operate regular routes, with us being the link between one and the other.

Noreste Logística


Our trucks are Iveco-branded, purchased and periodically checked at an official dealer and equipped with winches and portable battery jump starters.

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