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Noreste Logística

Since 2002 we have carried out more than 100,000 transports.

We work for car dealers, garages, rent companies, auction companies and individual customers.
When you contract with us, you are contracting with a haulier net of national and international prestige.

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In 2011 we took a significant step starting a new proyect: SETTING UP A LOGISTIC PLATFORM with which we can offer service to our customers and logistic support to companies which, operating at a national or international level and with loads or unloads in Madrid, lack a storage lot.

transporte logísitco de cohes y vehículos pesados

Having been working in the sector for more than ten years now, we have achieved a net of partners all over Spain and Europe. Thanks to this we are able to cover the whole Spanish territory and organize loads with most of the world’s countries as origin and/or destination point.

From February 2013, when we signed a collaboration agreement with Leilo Car, we store our vehicles in their facilities in Alcalá de Henares where vehicles are checked by their staff at the entrance and parked at a part of the storage lot exclusively reserved for our vehicles.

Leilo Car is located less than a kilometer from our offices, which allows for an adaptibility we cound not offer before.

Our storage lot is located at: Leilo Car, C/ Varsovia 10, 28805 Alcalá de Henares 40° 29' 40.24" -3° 20' 19.57"

With this logistic centre we aim to offer service both to individual customers and hauliers.


We can provide service to individuals, cars dealers, “rent a car” and renting companies since we are able to load/unload the vehicles with our trucks in any place in Madrid and unload them again at our storage lot for their subsequent move to any point in Spain, Europe or the rest of the world.


We offer our Madrid storage lot to haulier professionals, both national and from any other part in the world. Thanks to these services, hauliers can speed up and optimize their routes.

We offer loads grouping service in our storage lot at competitive prices. Likewise, we offer a delivery service from our storage lot.

Thanks to these grouping and delivery services, our partners can save up to one-day work since they have the possibility of loading or unloading all their cars at one same point.

Having a logistic centre in Madrid, our aim is to reduce costs and transit time for all the origins and destinations, including those out of the regular routes.


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