National and international vehicle transport to more than 80 countries

Reliable service with more than ten years’ experience.

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Noreste Logística

Since 2002 we have carried out more than 100,000 transports.

We work for car dealers, garages, rent companies, auction companies and individual customers.
When you contract with us, you are contracting with a haulier net of national and international prestige.

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Our company was established after more than twenty years’ experience in the car-renting sector. The managers of the car dealers we worked with continuously commented on how they struggled to meet their customers’ expectations due to the lack of reliability of the tow trucks they worked with. As a result, in November 2002 we ventured to start Noreste Logística S.L. with just one truck (with a load capacity of three cars) aiming to provide a delivery and logistics service to car dealers in a formal and reliable way, just as they demanded.

transporte logísitco de cohes y vehículos pesados

In 2003, with great dedication, thanks to word of mouth and the reliability with which we wanted to offer our services, we worked with practically all the car dealers around our area and in 2004 we extended our fleet with one more truck (with a load capacity of 4 cars). Likewise, and from 2005 to 2007, we were growing at a rate of one truck per year (with a load capacity of up to 5 cars).

In 2011 we started our storage lot, with which we can offer our services not only in Madrid, but also at a national and international level. Currently we can organize both full loads or odd cars having as origin or destination point any place in Europe or the world.



Noreste Logística’s commercial and administration offices are located in Alcalá de Henares, in the business park “La Cuna de Cervantes”.

In order to work with leading multinational companies, we had to provide subcontractor’s certificates from the Spanish Treasury and payment certificates both from the Treasury and the Social Security as well as issuing non-disclosure agreements and other bureacucratic procedures. We have drawn up invoices according to the specifications of each customer, so all of these are procedures we are now used to and that enable us to adapt to our customers’ requests so as to fit your requests.

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