National and international vehicle transport to more than 80 countries

Reliable service with more than ten years’ experience.

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Noreste Logística

Since 2002 we have carried out more than 100,000 transports.

We work for car dealers, garages, rent companies, auction companies and individual customers.
When you contract with us, you are contracting with a haulier net of national and international prestige.

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For a vehicle as described and at the indicated condition.
The load and unload zones must be easily accessible to car carrier trucks.
In case the truck could not get to the destination address, an alternative meeting point would be designated, such as a gas station, mall centre or industrial park.
The delivery time is 7-12 days (depending on destination).
The price includes a load/unload and transport insurance.
To formalize the order we need the following information: full address (both origin and destination), name, telephone and vehicle plate number or chassis.
Invoicing data. The payment method is by invoice and transfer the same day or the day following the loading. In order for the vehicle to be delivered, the payment must be fulfilled.
Offer valid for 30 days.
For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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